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Team Bullseye

Name: Sander Bouwknegt
Date of birth: 25-01-1993
Specialization: Hardware

Name: Thijs Ruigrok
Date of birth: 31-07-1994
Specialization:Overall programmer

Name: Rick Stegeman
Date of birth: 20-09-1994
Specialization: Funding and Vision

Name: Adrie Meeuwesen
Date of birth: 23-09-1993
Specialization: Overall programmer

Team SmartTrike

Name: Rik Aelfers
Date of birth: 19-09-1994
Specialization: Hardware and Vision

Name: Elianne van Esbroeck
Date of birth: 23-10-1993
Specialization: Funding and overall tasks

Name: Steven van Hell
Date of birth: 20-07-1993
Specialization: Vision

Name: Roy Raedts
Date of birth: 04-03-1994
Specialization: Overall programmer

Name: Bernard Russchen
Date of birth: 11-05-1994
Specialization: Hardware